BMW M3 Nurburgring Crash Looks Like A Panick Attack

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Despite carrying the lot of momentum into this slide, we can’t help but feel ...

Despite carrying the lot of momentum into this slide, we can’t help but feel the accident could have been partially avoided, at least from the distance.

We obviously can’t know what speed that BMW M3 sedan was carrying into the corner, just before this driver lost control of the rear, and the vehicle spun 180-degrees and onto the grass.

Sure, it was that speed that led to it eventually smashing a rear-first into the guardrail, but the way the wheels were pointing had the lot to do with that as well.

Notice that this driver definitely tries to steer into the slide, if just, followed by straightening out the wheels and just as the brakes were applied when the vehicle completed its 180 degree spin.

If you look at the brake lights, it kind of seems this driver took his foot off the brakes, thus allowing the vehicle to continue on its way directly into the wall.

Unluckily the footage doesn’t provide much help as the BMW M3 sedan is mostly showing us its profile while heading towards a guardrail.

One solution would have been to yank a steering wheel to the right after initial slide, so that this car might have spun again, slowing down its momentum and keeping it away from the wall.

Of course, it is much harder to execute these maneuvers when one moment all is well and the next, you are sliding and spinning around.

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