BMW M4 GTS Takes On A MotoGP Bike At Sydney Motorsport Park

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We get that bikes are faster than cars because of simple physics. It is hard to ...

We get that bikes are faster than cars because of simple physics. It is hard to argue against such high power to weight ratios and the price gulf that could nearly swallow up the Bentley, but shockingly, while speed is the good measure of fun, it’ not the deciding factor of the good day.

That’s why we would prefer to have the BMW M4 GTS in our garages over the BMW S1000 RR superbike. Okay so we would settle on a couple of laps on the bike, but four tires are still our preference.

Still, it is fun to lap the two against each other to see just how two high performance BMWs stack up. With the extra horsepower and track-inspired modifications, the BMW proves to be a bit of the handful on the track, squirming under hard braking and twitching when too much throttle was applied on corner exit.

However, this requires the driver to develop strategy, which handsomely rewards maneuvers when executed correctly. Unluckily this still proves to make it so that the Bimmer is the less user friendly of the two vehicles.

Well, on the other hand, the BMW superbike brings an inline-four cylinder engine making 199 hp, more than many entry-level passenger cars, and the wet weight of only 449 pounds to the table for the power to weight ratio of 2.26 pounds per horsepower versus the M4 GTS’ 6.6 pounds per hp.

Combined with balance and user intuitive controls, the bike walks away from the BMW M4 GTS both figuratively and metaphorically.

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