This BMW Z4M Is NOT A HairDresser Car

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Matt Farah from theSmokingTire had an interesting experience driving awesome BMW ...

Matt Farah from theSmokingTire had an interesting experience driving awesome BMW Z4M modified with a goal for making it a reliable weekend road going track car.

To make a car as direct and as race read as possible, the owner had to make a whole lot of changes. We are talking here about the upgraded brakes, a coil-over suspension, a racing seat, and even a Sparco steering wheel.

Interestingly, the owner left a whole lot of stock parts. The engine is all stock only with a new exhaust and some small tweaks to make it deliver power at the right place at the right time.

And it does it well. The Z4M has 3.2-liter straight six engine from that awesome E46 M3. It has 330hp which is for lightened, Miata-sized car, the Z4M is more than enough. It is really fast.

As the BMW Z4M is underappreciated, this guy definitely made it all well crafting such a capable machine.

TheSmokingTire has this to say about this fine machine:
“This 2007 BMW Z4M Coupe retains a mostly stock powertrain but has been thoroughly worked over in the chassis department for maximum handling and grip at weekend track events.

It features a complete suspension improvement with coil overs and aggressive bushings, upgraded brakes, wheels, tires, and bodywork, with a focus on making this Z4M an uncompromised, yet reliable, drivers car. “

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