Boy Gets Intentionally Hit By Car But Flips And Lands On His Feet

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

After watching this video, you will probably be wondering if this guy is for real ...

After watching this video, you will probably be wondering if this guy is for real – and by that, we mean if this is the genuine incident and not a digitally manipulated one (you can never be sure this day and age), if so, how can one be so foolish to attempt this kind of the stunt?

The guy, who looks like he is in his late teens, had the female friend drive her Nissan Sentra while he was running towards the vehicle and then tried to jump or rather run over it, and he stumbled on the bonnet and hit his knee of the windshield, which caused him to flip over in a process. Unbelievably, he landed on his feet!

Here’s what this young man wrote on his YouTube channel under the alias friekenwork: I meant to jump over my friend’s vehicle and I proved that I could jump high enough. So, she drove towards me at 40 mph and I jumped way to late and got hit by the vehicle.

Somehow I ended up doing the side flip and when I opened my eyes I saw the ground and landed on my feet. I was in so much shock and I just ran away from the car trying to get my mind together.

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