Brabus G500 4×4² Rolls Over In London After Crashing Into Prius

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Many of us wake up shaken and stirred on Sunday afternoons, and wondering what had ...

Many of us wake up shaken and stirred on Sunday afternoons, and wondering what had happened to us on Saturday. Well, if you think you have had the… complicated weekend, you should check out the ordeal of the drivers involved in the unusual accident that took place in London yesterday evening.

Spoiler alert: the Brabus-modded Mercedes-Benz G500 Squared fought the Prius and lost.

The details of this accident aren’t 100 percent clear yet, but we do know this crash took place on Sloane Street, the British capital city’s superar district, on June 3rd.

Judging by what we can see in the crash footage and photos, and as well as by the details coming from those who caught the accident on camera, well, it seems like the driver of this Toyota Prius was not at fault – the Brabus seems to have run over a Prius’ nose, which unsurprisingly led to the behemoth tipping over.

Luckily, witnesses reported that all those involved in this accident walked away from the crash – the Prius is said to be the Uber car, but the driver was alone in the car at the time of the impact.

This video brings us the aftermath of the accident. While Goliath had fallen, David can be seen driving under its own hybrid power, and despite its shattered fascia and its deployed airbags.

The manner in which a top structure of the Brabus G500 4×4 Squared was affected by this crash might just make it seem like there is something wrong with the cameras that captured the unfortunate event.

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