Brand New Chevy Beatdown So Crazy It Should’ve Been A Commercial

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Redneck level is definitely way too much in this video featuring a stock truck ...

Redneck level is definitely way too much in this video featuring a stock truck getting one hell of a beating. It’s a brand new Chevy Silverado doing some insane hill climb in a beatdown so crazy it would probably be perfect as a Silverado commercial.

The kid in the Chevy is just a simple redneck, he sees a buggy climbing a hill, so he copies it. Well, doing a hill climb is perfectly fine, but the big problem is he rides not a buggy but a brand new Chevy. Not gonna matter though and he still charges his truck straight to the hill, not only once but several times. How crazy is that?

The truck may have acquired no damage from the outside, except for attracting so much dirt, but it’s on the mechanical parts that probably got so much wear. After all, who even puts a stock truck, not to mention brand new, in an abuse like that?

And what’s even crazier is the fact that the Chevy is actually a rental truck. The rental company got so pissed they ended up sending the kid to jail. Quite unlucky for him but fortunate for us spectators who love entertainment and fun. Check it out!

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