A Brand New Porsche Gets Totaled During A Test Drive!

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If somebody enters the Porsche dealership and asks for the test drive, unless he ...

If somebody enters the Porsche dealership and asks for the test drive, unless he owns at least one more Porsche model that’s not the Cayenne or the Panamera, he should be refused and never allowed to enter the premises again.

Think about it for the minute: this is Porsche we are talking about. You don’t go to the Swiss watchmaker and ask to keep the wrist watch for the few days just to see if it can tell the time right, do you?

You respect a tradition behind their work and the fact they have been confirmed to do great horologes time and time again.

It’s the same with Porsche. If you want to buy the Porsche, particularly one from the iconic 911 range, you don’t need to ask for the test drive.

Countless others have driven them before you – and most of them much better drivers, by the way – declared them to be nothing short of the ultimate sports car.

It’s my money, and I want to drive it first, was probably what the man in this video uttered just before the salesperson handed him the key fob and started heading toward a parking lot.

Going on a test drive with the person you’ve known for just a few minutes is the cringy experience for everyone selling vehicles, but it’s even more so when said cars are expensive and go very, very fast.

The antidote to that is having the pre-defined route that consists of narrow roads with low speed limits. However, not everyone gets a subtle hint, so when they find themselves with several hundreds of hp under their right foot, they go YOLO and slam a throttle.

What? There’s the corner coming up? So what? Didn’t you just tell about German engineering and how good the 911 chassis is? Isn’t this the test drive?

Let’s test it, were probably his last words just before he scraped that poor innocent sedan coming the other way. And I hope this has insurance because I’m not buying this piece of crap were the ones that followed shortly after this crash.

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