Brazen Thief Uses Backhoe In Attempted ATM Burglary

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Let’s face it: ATMs are kind of asking for it. They are essentially big ...

Let’s face it: ATMs are kind of asking for it. They are essentially big piles of cash left out in the street to test a moral resolve of everybody that walks past them.

If you are the kind of guy who thinks the law is just the vague directive and that rules are there to be broken, you are bound to want to make the withdrawal without the use of the credit card at some time.

But the thing is even though they sit there unattended, and ATMs are pretty tough nuts to crack. Not to mention to pick up and run away with.

That is why this guy in Prince George, Maryland, thought about using the backhoe for the job. He actually came up with the pretty complex plan – much like the ones needed for the GTA V heists, where you first have to gather the necessary equipment, and only then execute the robbery.

Much like Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, this man also began by getting himself the backhoe. Obviously, he took the time to go through a tutorial, because once the ATM was in sight, and he looked like he knew what he was doing.

He reversed this vehicle into position, he deployed the stabilizers and lowered a front loader bucket and then started bashing this poor cash machine with the dipper arm.

The CCTV footage released shows only about the minute of the massacre, but we would be surprised if this man gave up so fast after going to all this length to procure the machinery.

In the end, though, and he came out empty-handed. What is more, he also managed to inflict $10,000 worth of damage to the ATM and its surroundings.

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