Brutal Charger Hellcat And All Its Insane Power In A Fantastic Review

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Why and how is the Dodge Charger Hellcat so brutal? It is not all about the ...

Why and how is the Dodge Charger Hellcat so brutal? It is not all about the engine, you know? FCA had to reimagine the whole driveline, adjust the transmission, create a special suspension to cope with the massive power and reinforce everything because they knew that a majority of the owners will try to burnout life from it.

Now, the savagegeese YouTube channel is giving us a glimpse into all the small things and details that made the Charger Hellcat as brutal as it is. As the most powerful sedan in the world, the Charger Hellcat certainly has some astonishing sleeper factor to it despite all the world knowing about it.

The host said that the car, without as many go-faster bits that reveal its nature, actually looks mundane. And we could not agree more. Take that double stripe in the middle. It is a 1,000 US dollar option and it is just a freaking slab of vinyl.

With highest HP motor Dodge ever built, the Charger is a mad representation of the hp war between manufacturers. One amazing fact – the supercharger itself needs 80 hp just to spin. But when it does, the power is unreal.

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