Budget 007: Chinese Mechanic Takes A Ride On His AMPHIBIOUS Car

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We are always on the lookout for the coolest homemade automotive projects that ...

We are always on the lookout for the coolest homemade automotive projects that make little to no sense for mainstream automakers to build. Well, sometimes hobbyists like Xiong Jian come up with something that is both cool and, shall we say, potentially hazardous.

Hailing from central China near the Zhenzi River, Xiong Jian is the mechanic and inventor who managed to build a boat-car, according to stuff.co.nz.

Amazingly, it hasn’t sunk, and that’s because Xiong seems to know what he’s doing. His creation came about by refitting components of a scrapped two-compartment vehicle with used parts from a scrapped minibus.

‘The engine of this car was initially up front. When I was turning around the boat while driving on water, some water would infiltrate into it, which is not good for the engine. So, I moved it (the engine) to the back of this car.’ said Jian.

The car can carry up to four people and can also turn around and go in reverse in the water. Xiong Jian worked on the project, through trial and error, for several years.

And making sure everything is airtight and welded properly isn’t easy. And yes, the car-boat can drive on regular roads as well.

Even in the water, it can reach up to about 20 mph, but Xiong Jian is hoping to get that speed up to 25 mph with some additional tinkering.

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