Bugatti Chiron Ride – Loud Sounds! That Turbo Blow-Off Is Heavenly

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The Bugatti Chiron houses 16 cylinders and the four turbochargers. Let that sink ...

The Bugatti Chiron houses 16 cylinders and the four turbochargers. Let that sink in for the moment.

Now, after contemplating that, it gives purpose to the video below: the Chiron is really loud. It is in your face, the turbos are unapologetic, and the vehicle doesn’t care to keep its ego in check.

The 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W-16 make for quite the soundtrack when the Chiron is asked to run the hill climb.

Thankfully, the video below allows viewers to experience such the situation, since many of us will likely never have the chance to perform a hill climb in the Chiron of our own. Heck most of us will be lucky to just spot one.

We digress. The sounds coming from this engine and into the cabin are utterly mesmerizing as the throttle is tipped, then this driver backs off to maneuver around the corner during the climb.

The hills of La Vie en Bleu are alive with the sound of music, that is for sure. The growls and whoosh noises from the all four turbos announce their presence every single time.

Why wouldn’t they be designed to do that? When driving the Chiron, everyone wants to know there’s 1,480 hp on tap at all times.

Enough from us, you are here for this video. Have the look and a listen by pressing the play button.

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