Buggy 4×4 700HP TTRS Engine Almost Burnt Straps On Dyno

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Autocross buggies stand for a kind of subculture that can always lure unsuspecting ...

Autocross buggies stand for a kind of subculture that can always lure unsuspecting aficionados, and determining them to spend days, weeks and even the lifetime on the other side of a car-building line.

We need to look no further than the example we have brought you today to understand why this four-wheeled genre can be so tempting.

It is enough to talk about the mix between the 700 hp of the contraption and the way its windshield defies go-fast appearance norms to achieve a purpose mentioned above.

Zooming in on the machine, we find the five-cylinder mill that was once the heart of the Audi TT RS. The 2.5-liter powerplant is impressive in factory trim, when you double the power of such the engine, the dyno tweaking is crucial for keeping the pistons inside a block.

This is where the anti-lag delight in this video steps in, with the video allowing us to see what happens during such the dyno session.

The buggy, which keeps things under the control by sending its power to all four wheels, was strapped to the dyno over in the Netherlands, with the adventure taking place inside a facility run by the aftermarket developer named Van Kronenburg Autosport.

The Audi powerplant plays the role of the machinegun and, once the guy occupying the driver’s seat takes his role seriously, this buggy starts spitting flames as if this was the exact purpose for which anti-lag system was installed.

Given the furious nature of the feature, well, we can only imagine how sweet the power delivery of this autocross animal is.

This video, which came to our attention thanks to Redditor Lefthandedsock, is the bit too short to allow you to enjoy your popcorn, and the clip is definitely worthy of being accompanied by such treats.

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