This Buggy Vs Bush Video Ends Exactly How You Were Hoping It Would

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There is something about the tubular structure of the buggy that acts a bit like ...

There is something about the tubular structure of the buggy that acts a bit like the mermaid’s song for drivers, luring people into pulling all sorts of the ridiculous tricks.

This video brings a hilarious example of this, with a man attempting to use the buggy as the gardening tool.

Sitting behind the wheel of what could very well be the DIY machine, the guy aims to pull the generously-sized bush out of the ground using his offroading-savvy contraption.

We are not even going to discuss this idea, since we have more important things to talk about and when it comes to why the entire feat wasn’t the brightest attempt at working in one’s own backyard.

For instance, this man tied the rope used to pull the bush way too high on the back of the vehicle – if you have skipped the physics class and can’t foresee the consequences of using such the scheme, you should have at least learned something from watching tug of war videos.

While the driver does pull the few test runs before attempting a big move, he appears to ignore any conclusion that could have resulted from these trials.

Oh, and did we mention all-important helmet is missing from this story? Once again, you don’t need to have attended the special driving school in order to be aware of the importance safety gear has.

The internet has shown us the results of the mix between the rollcage and the lack of the helmet on more than one occasion.

Luckily, the outcome of the situation is much less severe for this driver compared to what we have seen on other occasions of this kind. As for the buggy, there is nothing a little pain can’t fix.

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