Built Subaru STi Vs LS3 Corvette With A 100 Shot Of Nitrous For $2,000

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Remember all those disclaimers from the Need for Speed series? Well, certain ...

Remember all those disclaimers from the Need for Speed series? Well, certain drivers take great joy in doing the opposite, acting as if their vehicles were arcade racing game controllers – this is how we end up with the street races such as the one we are here to show you today.

The sprinting brawl involves the Subaru WRX STI and the Chevrolet Corvette belonging to the C6 generation. The mods on the machines come to complete the NFS take and we will start with the Scooby.

The STI comes with the built motor, with the Precision BB turbocharger being accompanied by plenty of supporting mods.

As for the Corvette, the LS3 under the hood has been gifted with the 100 shot of nitrous, while the V8 might have also received the custom exhaust.

A rather narrow road serves as the battlefield, with a tarmac leaving no room for sideways action. Perhaps this is why the public at a starting line was cheering the drivers.

According to the YouTube description of this video, the stake of the drag race was set at $2,000. it is not unusual for such financial games to spice up the velocity tale.

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