Buying A Lamborghini Off The Internet Gone Horribly Wrong

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We’re all familiar with one the best sports car manufacturer, the ...

We’re all familiar with one the best sports car manufacturer, the Lamborghini. Having a reputation of being highly expensive, so buying one is surely the prestige.

That is exactly what Nick Rienzo thought when he decided to purchase the 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo from the used car sales market. And as he was looking through he spotted this black and white Lambo and instantly he made the decision and purchased it for $85,000.

His vehicle was finally shipped to his home and as the vehicle was being unloaded from the truck and he noticed that something was utterly wrong.

Several things popped into his eyes. At first he noticed that the vehicle was very dirty and it had many scratches. The back tires were thoroughly worn out, and presumably from burnouts, he found out that the vehicle was probably repainted, and it was repainted badly.

The door handles were loose, the tail lights were full of dirt. When he checked interior, nothing was better. There were threads ripped out of the seats, and the dash board was damaged and this surely was not the pristine car, as it was advertised.

Purchasing the 2006 Lambo Gallardo became his instant regret. So you should probably think twice before buying one from the dealership.

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