A C2 In A C6? This ’67 C6 Chevy Corvette Has The Best Of Both Worlds!

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Second generation Corvettes are a classic beauty hard for any car guy to resist. ...

Second generation Corvettes are a classic beauty hard for any car guy to resist. But what if you can have a C2 with all the amenities and goodies of the latest technology? Here’s a not just ordinary restoration of a C2 with it having a powertrain and an interior of a C6.

You sure need to have a trained eye just to figure out the many changes done to the ’67 body to accommodate the C6 running gear. It looks different but definitely nothing way off. Well, the best part of this types of build is you get to have the body lines of a classic beauty while enjoying a modern driving sweetness.

The inside of this car is all C6 with the gorgeous black interior. This one is a convertible and seeing the interior blend with the ’67 body just feels so badass and sexy.

An LS engine sits under the hood that opens just as how a C6 hood opens. Kinda something one wouldn’t expect for a hood that completely mimics that of a C2.

If you love Corvettes, then here’s a build that’s a blend from different generations you sure need to check out for yourself.

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