Cam Captures Crazy Footage Of Daredevils Racing Down The Street!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Taking into the account just how many times we have said it, plus all the other ...

Taking into the account just how many times we have said it, plus all the other info that you get along the way, I know that most of you’re very well aware that Australians are people who love fast and powerful rides.

Any kind of rides! Powerful muscle vehicles, fast as hell bikes, and many other machines, that are rocking and rolling.

Recently we have also become aware that their very first neighbors from New Zealand, are sharing a very same character and nature when it comes to speed, vehicles, etc…

I’m sure that many of you remember quite well those new drifting machines, that kids in New Zealand had invented, which they are using to do some totally crazy things. I mean, no Gearhead in this world can forget something like that easily.

This video below that we have prepared for you today is also coming from New Zealand, it features guys with rides, pretty much similar to those Blokarts that we had seen recently.

But I’ll dare to say that these ones (some kind of tuned tricycles) seem even crazier and more dangerous, giving the expression Draedevil new meaning!

Just watch this video and you will see what I’m saying – this is completely crazy!

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Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.