Camaro and Charger With a 896 lb-ft Diesel Is Something You’ll Like

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We are somehow strangely attracted to engine swaps like this! Pony cars received ...

We are somehow strangely attracted to engine swaps like this! Pony cars received diesel power. But we are not thinking about some kind of a small V6 or something like that. What we have here is a Duramax powered Camaro and a Cummins powered Charger.

Minnesota car shop called One of Won created two fantastic engine swaps by installing a 5.9 liter Cummins engine in the Charger and a 6.6 liter Duramax in the Camaro. Integrating such huge diesel engines into the engine bays of these fairly regular cars is not easy at all.

Actually, One of Won website mentions that the Cummins powered Charger is actually 1.500-hourur build. That is a lot of hours for one car.

Nevertheless, the thing looks sweat. Both churn out a healthy amount of power – 516hp for the Duramax and 306 hp for the Cummins. However, torque is where these excell. 896 lb-ft of torque for the Camaro and 721 lb-ft of torque for the Charger. Insane.

Here, you can see both in a dance on the streets smoking, accelerating and playing badass basically. What is interesting is that One of Won did not have to modify the chassis or the architecture a lot to accommodate these engines. However, they had to rethink the whole suspension and the transmission to handle all the added stress.

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