Camaro Finishes No Prep Drag Race With A Brutal Multiple Rollover!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

While no prep drag racing may be the next big thing, it’s certainly not for ...

While no prep drag racing may be the next big thing, it’s certainly not for everyone who only has a fast car but no steel balls. You need to have a lot of guts to risk your life and your ride. If you can’t bare seeing your car in a completely totaled state just like this Camaro below, then better be just a spectator than a competitor.

It surely was a hell of a bad day for David Hildebrand as he races his Camaro, not to the finish line, but to some catastrophic end. His ride was against Carl Scott’s Honeybadger Nova at the No Prep Mayhem event at Kansas International Dragway. A powerful launch got Hildebrand’s Camaro swerving uncontrollably as it eventually tumbles over the guard rail completing several brutal rollover. It also looked like Scott’s Nova had some contribution on the Camaro’s horrific finish when the former hit the latter’s wheelie bars as seen on 1:18 of the video.

But the good news is, Hildebrand was able to walk away safe and sound. Seems like the roll cage had been a life-saver and its fabricator and welder should definitely be commended.

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