Camaro Gets A Memorable Scratch That’s Probably Worth Flaunting

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No one loves to see a scratch or a paint scuff in their precious ride, but with ...

No one loves to see a scratch or a paint scuff in their precious ride, but with this one below, you’ll probably end up leaving such scratch for quite a time. It’s a Chevy Camaro getting one memorable scratch that’s probably worth flaunting more than anything else in the streets.

If you’re wondering what in the world would make someone leave an ugly scratch in their car, then you probably need to check this Camaro to know what. Things probably got a little boring just cruising the car in the streets or the beach so it’s owner decided to take it to the Longleat Safari Park.

The Camaro experienced the wild with several lions (what a really huge animal by the way) walking and roaming around the car. One lion walked into the rear and decided to leave some tattoo in the car. It bit the bumper leaving a scratch and a scuff. So why not go and fix the scratch? You can flaunt it as it is and when people ask how you got it, a cool and badass answer would be, “I got attacked by a lion.”

The video below also comes with some bonus fun with it revealing how to frighten a lion momentarily, so it’ll release the bumper from its bite. How? A zebra car.

Well, better check out everything below.

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