This Camaro Is A One-Off Beastly Build With Record-Setting Performance

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Here’s a phenomenal build which upgraded a late model Camaro into something ...

Here’s a phenomenal build which upgraded a late model Camaro into something with record-setting performance. It’s a 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 and it’s one beastly ride documented to be the first Camaro to run at 200 MPH and finish a quarter mile in just 10 seconds.

This car sure looks like any other Camaro of its generation at first look. Well, never judge a book by its cover, wait till you see what’s inside and you’ll sure be blown away. It’s the thing under the hood and the beast lying within it.

This car was rated at 650 HP when it set the records and now it’s already 900 HP. And the best part? You only need to add around 3 grand to get that 200 MPH run from a 650 HP Camaro, around 65 HP upgrade from the stock power.

It is now fitted with a one-off engine setup featuring a 900 HP LSA crate motor. The 1.9 L factory original supercharger was replaced by a Kenne Bell 3.6 L supercharger. Everything just sits in the same design with the bottom end and internals all forged. How cool is that?

If you love anything fast and badass, then you sure don’t wanna miss this build. Check it out!

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