Can A Huge Pressure Destroy A Huge Tunker? Watch This Video and Be Amazed!

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In this video, we will witness an episode from Mythbusters in which they will try ...

In this video, we will witness an episode from Mythbusters in which they will try to prove how a Pressure can destroy a huge tanker train in no time. Although it actually sounds impossible, the team of Mythbusters will try to prove it by conducting an experiment with real tank in used. The test started by dropping a huge mass of concrete on top of the tanker. The concrete only left a small dent on the tanker. After doing so, they started to apply pressure on the tanker and with just few minutes of waiting, the tanker started to crumple like a soda can! It was really unbelievable yet the experiment revealed that a strong pressure can really destroyed objects that are as huge a s tunker. This probably explains why exploring underwater is a big challenge because of the strong pressure underneath that only few gears can handle. It is unbelievable yet the team managed to bust the myth. Watch this epic video below!

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