How Can You Lose Your Car Twice In One Corner?

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Agony – this is a word that best describes the Nurburgring accident we are ...

Agony – this is a word that best describes the Nurburgring accident we are here to show you. How else would you call an episode that sees the driver losing the rear end of his vehicle twice in the same corner?

No, we are not talking about two laps in the row. Instead, the guy behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf GTI in this video managed to see his hot hatch skidding out of control just the few meters after it seemed that the car would recover from the tail-out moment.

This stunt took place while the Golf GTI was going through Brunnchen, allowing the bend to reconfirm its YouTube corner status.

Speaking of which, we will remind you that this bend has changed its configuration for 2017, with the gravel trap on the outside being removed.

It is worth noting that the driver doesn’t display the usual novice behavior. For one thing, this man didn’t step on the brakes during a final part of his ordeal, which would have made the slide even more violent.

Alas, he didn’t manage to bring this Golf GTI back on track in time, ending up nose-first into the guardrail – this video also allows us to take a look at the damage sustained by the hot hatch.

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