Can The Volvo V90 Cross Country Make Your Rally Dreams Come True?

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The new V90 Cross Country marks a return of Volvo wagons in the US market, from ...

The new V90 Cross Country marks a return of Volvo wagons in the US market, from what we hear it sounds like a hell of the multi-talented vehicle.

Volvo’s strategy in the US includes offering a V90 Cross Country but not a normal V90, as they fear that there will be not enough wagon lovers for a latter.

You can still get the V90 in the US, but it is available through order only via Volvo’s Concierge service; and for the rest, the V90 XC is the only option.

The Cross Country version however is predicted and to attract more customers thanks to its adventurous, crossover character and which is what buyers are really after these days.

The V90 XC’s rugged appeal stems from increased ride height of around two inches -compared to the standard V90-, all-wheel drive, the model-specific off-road mode and the completely updated suspension components, including the uprights that come straight from a XC90.

Powered by the turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder mated to the eight-speed automatic, this V90 XC T6 offers 315 horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque, which should be enough every time you exercise your right ankle.

So, is it the genuine crossover or the clever marketing exercise? Motor Trend finds out on their latest Ignition episode.

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