Car Bursts Into FLAMES During Big Nasty BURNOUT!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Holy crap this one’s EPIC! The winner of the Street Car Takeover burnout ...

Holy crap this one’s EPIC! The winner of the Street Car Takeover burnout contest must have been out of his mind! He managed to pull off a big nasty burnout but in the process his tires burst into flames and soon the rear end of the car was a freaking inferno. But what’s even more amazing was that the mad man just kept going!

A burnout is also referred to as a peel out or power brake, which refers to the practice of keeping an automobile stationary while spinning its wheels. This causes the tires to heat up and smoke because of friction. In the video, the driver executed it perfectly as thick, white smoke was billowing from the rear wheels. All of a sudden the tires caught fire┬ábut the driver appears to have been completely caught up in the moment and seemed to be oblivious of what was happening even if the crowd was going nuts and an announced yelled, “Wow! Your car is on fire bro!”

But the man just kept on going to the delight of everyone. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well and he ended up winning the contest, along with a hundred bucks…

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