Car Didn’t Fall Because Of The Weight Of The Drivers Balls!

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Road trips are a relaxing way to spend the couple of hours with friends or family ...

Road trips are a relaxing way to spend the couple of hours with friends or family on the open road. Whether it be for the weekend getaway or a move across the country, killing some time on the road is usually the mindless, yet enjoyable experience.

But some places in the world don’t have nice smooth pavement or the big open highways. Instead, they use one-lane dirt passes and where any mistake means instant death.

Along the Himalayan mountain range lies some of the most treacherous roads in all the world. And carved out of the side of the steep cliff, these single-lane, unpaved dirt passes have absolutely no runoff, no guardrail for if you slip up.

The slightest mistake means you will be tumbling down thousands of feet, never to be heard from again.

Youtube channel Himalayan Roads filmed their journey from the Indian town of Shimla to the Pangi Valley.

It is full of close calls, and at one point it even starts snowing—as if the drive wasn’t hard enough.

You can watch the video below, but make sure not to look down. Before i visit this road , I’ll need to write a will to my family!

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