Car Keying Prank Will Make You Laugh Hard At It!

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If you are anything under 20 years old chances are you might not even know what ...

If you are anything under 20 years old chances are you might not even know what the car keys were used for originally. Back in the day they did exactly what their name suggests, well, mechanically unlock your vehicle’s door and then allow you to drive off.

Technology advanced and today all that’s left is the key fob that you need in your proximity when approaching your vehicle just so that it knows it’s the owner who is trying to open it and not someone else. You don’t need the mechanical part anymore as sensors took over.

That doesn’t mean that some of us still have the certain reflex when someone tells us that we left our keys in the door, just like the video below proves.

The guys from the Ross Creations Youtube channel set off one day (back in 2013) to see how many people will fall for the prank. Apparently, a lot!

It’s not only that people don’t mechanically unlock their vehicles anymore that shocks you when looking at how many fell for it but it is also the fact that you need your key inside the car to drive off.

If your car has to be opened manually with the metallic key, chances are you are also going to need that key to start the engine, right? Well then, how could you possibly be driving and if that damn key is hanging from your door?

Of course, it is easy for me to talk after watching this video but, truth be told, I would probably check my door too if someone just drove up next to me and told me the same line. It is still funny to watch the people’s reactions though, check it out!

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