Chasing 5 Pagani Huayras in a Lamborghini Aventador SV

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Wealthy people who happen to have a passion for automobiles go shopping for ...

Wealthy people who happen to have a passion for automobiles go shopping for supercars, hypercars or exotic cars for different reasons. Some want them as showpieces in their garage or put them on display during fancy car shows. Each to his own, but if you happen to own a high dollar ride, won’t it be a bit of a tease if you don’t take it for a spin?

In this video, The Stradman takes us on a ride during the fourth American Raduno Rally which shows exotic car owners who are not keen on letting their precious vehicles stay put and keep the mileage off of them. This footage features them cruising on a wide open highway where they rightfully belong.

We got a Porsche 918 and a Lamborghini Aventador SV chasing five Pagani Huayras, one being driven by Mr. Horacio Pagani himself! If this scenario doesn’t excite you, wait till you actually see the cars in action and hear the glorious notes generated by all the galloping ponies from the exhausts.

Check out the video below and buckle up for this eventful ride across the Arizona desert that true blue auto enthusiasts would truly love to be a part of. This is really a cool spectacle and thanks to The Stradman, we can enjoy the ride too!

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