Check Out This Amazing And Insane Bike Trike Drift Machine

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Not long ago, the drift trikes hit the adrenaline junkie’s world like the ...

Not long ago, the drift trikes hit the adrenaline junkie’s world like the storm. The internet just can’t get enough of them.

Justifiably so, people have put them to the good use and we have seen many extreme feats done with drift trikes. Well, now, these things can be seen evolving into various different configurations.

This particular build will make you immediately get one. And one particular mechanic has come up with the idea to convert the dirt bike into the ultimate bike trike drift machine.

Normally, these machines are similar to the big wheel. However, this time, we have the build that looks like it was started from the pit bike.

When this man started converting his dirt bike into the drift trike, he decided to leave the suspension. He added the set of slippery tires at the rear.

We got to admit, his custom work is exquisite. And to be honest, we can’t be sure if this is the greatest way to go sliding sideways.

However, you got to appreciate the hard work this man has put into concocting this machine to meet his needs from what he had available. At the end of this video, we even have the little demonstration that shows how this ultimate bike trike drift machine rocks out.

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