Check Out This Badass ’59 Volkswagen T1 With The Coolest Patina Ever!

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To our younger readers, this might seem like an old, beat up truck, dragging on ...

To our younger readers, this might seem like an old, beat up truck, dragging on its hind legs. However, if you belong to the older generation, this badass Volkswagen truck will take you back to a simpler time, where the world didn’t seem so complicated. Just like your favorite rock band, it refuses to give up, making us feel nostalgic whenever we see it.

While the Beetle was known as the ultimate hippie machine, the trucks were also loved around the world as the party and road trip vehicles. If they could talk, think of the wild stories they would tell. The truck you are about to see belongs to the first generation, built from 1950 till 1967. Although it was created by a German brand, the trucks were also assembled in Brazil and Australia. The one you are about to see comes from 1959, a very troublesome year for the brand, where most of the units were called back due to a unreliable engine. The ones that stood the test of time are extremely rare, and it is an absolute joy to stumble upon such a ride.

Furthermore, what makes this one so great is the condition it’s in. Some might say that it is a rust bucket, others call it patina, and cherish it. What are your thoughts on this beauty?

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