Check Out This Honda CBR500R Motorcycle Crash! NOOB!

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Long curves like this one in this video might trick the rider and miss the apex ...

Long curves like this one in this video might trick the rider and miss the apex forcing him or her to run wide or panic and slide off.

Well, one of the fundaments of going through a corner on the motorcycle is following the out-in-out line to flatten the imaginary curve you would draw across as much as possible. Cornering on the bike is way different than in the car, so this should be remembered as all times.

However, there are turns that are very deceiving among them being a double-apex and the really long ones. The case in this video is a very long right turn on an on-ramp, and which is more than tricky for the new riders.

Although the visibility is unobstructed along the whole length of this corner, the Honda CBR rider here fails to exactly determine where the apex is. The poor calculation makes him turn early, and miss the apex and start to run wide.

At this point, he is so leaned his exhaust starts scraping against the asphalt. And scared or not, he most probably lets go off the throttle just a little bit, and at that angle and speed, the wheels’ gyroscopic force isn’t enough to keep the bike up.

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