Check Out This Motorcycle Crash! NOOB!

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Don’t be the street Rossi! That is probably the most common advice motorcycle ...

Don’t be the street Rossi! That is probably the most common advice motorcycle instructors give out there. And if you want to go fast on your bike, do it at the track where there are no cars, no pedestrians, no road furniture to collide with.

Otherwise, you might end up like this guy here or even worse. This incident was captured by the dashboard camera in Sayreville, New Jersey, despite the fact we don’t see through the rider’s perspective, and the situation is till very cringy.

This rider was apparently speeding and foolishly weaving through the vehicles. Soon the right-hand corner came, and this guy tried to go from the third lane to a first one and cut the apex I guess.

But his perfectly calculated maneuver suddenly came to the abrupt end as the driver in the middle lane decided to close in his line as well, and which cut the rider off and causing the nasty collision.

This biker was ejected and thrown to the side of the road while the bike continued to spin chaotically on a road shredding off sparks and components on the smooth asphalt.

This person in the vehicle that filmed the event stopped to help and is funny to see the actual rider walking in the frame a minute later.

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