Check Out The Story Behind This Gorgeous 1973 Cadillac Eldorado

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We are aware that we cannot stop raving about these Petrolicious videos but just ...

We are aware that we cannot stop raving about these Petrolicious videos but just look at the production quality here. Honestly, it looks like an intro into a really cool movie or a video game.

Instead of those things, one man is here to tell the story behind his amazing 1973 Cadillac Eldorado. This brilliant machine is fantastic in its own right, but the owner is quite a character as well. Living in Scotland, he never even owned a car before moving to South America. Being a geologist, his quest for work brought him to this place, and the love for anything automotive related started with the first vehicle he ever owned, a jaw-dropping 1965 Ford Mustang! That alone seems like a fine place to start, but he wanted something a bit more comfortable, going through 2 GM limousines before finding this gem.

Cadillacs were so rare in South America that he was forced to import one from California. Spare parts are still incredibly difficult to find, but all of that is forgotten after getting behind the wheel of this beauty. Owning the latest Porsche might be cool, but nothing compares to this classic ride. Click on the video below to hear the whole story about it. Trust me, you’d be sorry to miss it.

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