Check Out This Sweet Nissan Patrol Jump

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Instantly with light speed one thought is born in your mind, How can the Nissan ...

Instantly with light speed one thought is born in your mind, How can the Nissan Patrol SUV be cute? Yeah, if you consider his volume he is scary, far away from cute, and what he is capable of doing is simply cute.

We have seen the Nissan Patrol many times before lifted on off-road suspension with the huge tractor tires and you’ll agree with us that this SUV never disappointed us. And how we can additionally convince those who never seen Nissan Patrol in action.

This video is just about that! This massive Nissan Patrol will prove you that besides his enormous body and the huge tires and his nasty looking he can do cute things, but how cute?

Just watch this video and see how elegantly and smoothly he is going to climb the unreachable terrain with the cute jump on the edge. Yeah, so gentle jump like the landing of the front wheels on a ground was in slow motion!

Just the quick note, don’t forget that nothing of this would be possible if the power plant wasn’t diesel!

After watching the video you can only love the Nissan Patrol and desire him even more. Well now take your time and watch the short video bellow, yeah, it is cuteness overloaded.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!