Chevy Bolt Amazing Autonomous Drive In San Francisco Finally On Video

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Autonomous cars are coming. Tesla showed us the way, others followed shortly and ...

Autonomous cars are coming. Tesla showed us the way, others followed shortly and right now we have a chance to see the effort by the General Motors. Please meet a fully electric Chevrolet Bolt driving itself around San Francisco. It’s all on film and it’s all a bit too much for a mind which grew up driving cars.

General Motors bought Cruise Automation last year and then invested heavily. Now, they are ready to showcase something really cool. Demo footage proves that the autonomous tech can work. It’s of course still in the testing phase, a car driving itself through the streets of a massive city is quite an undertake.

Along with making Bolt cars for sale, GM makes the units with autonomous driving tech onboard. As with google cars, these feature precise, but rather bad looking LIDAR sensors on the roof.

Nevertheless, we are sure the people would definitely sacrifice a bit of style for self-driving tech. Apart from the LIDAR, cars feature a number of sensors and cameras analyzing all the prospects of the surroundings and making them all work in conjunction with the traffic.

GM also invested in Lyft trying to make a foundation for a network of on-demand autonomous cars. As all major manufacturers link themselves with the car sharing companies we can only imagine this part of the automotive industry will come to fruition.

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