The Chevy Bolt Runs Closer To The VW GTI Than You Might Have Thought

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The Bolt is not the Chevy. It is a Chevrolet, like the Aveo and Cruze. By that we ...

The Bolt is not the Chevy. It is a Chevrolet, like the Aveo and Cruze. By that we mean that it is a little on the dorky side, embodying none of a characteristics of the Camaro and Corvette.

Model 3 fans are trying to brush it aside, but the Bolt is the competent EV. It’s got the lot more range than the Nissan Leaf, the better interior, and more power. In fact, it has so much juice that it makes the fast car look obsolete.

Yes, we called the Golf GTI the fast car. But it really is. Thanks to a torque of that 2-liter turbo engine, it is about as fast as the classic supercar.

Sure, six seconds to 60 isn’t that unusual. And the GTI is still the car many people aspire to own, as proven by a fact that The Fast Lane’s intern bought one and brought it to a slaughter.

A Focus ST or the Toyota GT 86 would have the same kind of trouble with a dorky Chevy Bolt. And it is just the beginning of something… bad that is about to happen to cheap performance vehicles.

Of course, emissions regulations are partly to blame for the outcome. Well, in all honesty, the GTI engine sounds horrible because of its rattly yet efficient injection system. And the race result is humiliating even with the video muted.

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