Chevy Pickup VS Semi Truck? This Tug Of War Is Freakin’ Unbelievable!

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Do you think putting a Chevy pickup against a Semi truck in a tug of war is one ...

Do you think putting a Chevy pickup against a Semi truck in a tug of war is one unfair match up? It sure is not! Here’s a crazy tug of war featuring both vehicles with turn of events you’ll definitely be amazed.

The earlier match-ups for this red Chevy pickup dually truck seems to be just a warm up. It was up against a similar vehicle which are also pickup trucks and winning is simply a manifestation of the torque it has. But when the final battle is against a freakin’ semi truck, you know it’ll be a hell of a battle for the Chevy.

Size can be a real intimidation and if you predicted a complete domination in favor of the Semi, then you are wrong. Ever heard of the line, “tiny but mighty”? That’s what this Chevy is! A match up which looked like an effortless win by the Semi took a complete spin when the Chevy pickup unleashed the beast in it. A definite torque monster with some phenomenal traction. Well, with a Duramax under the hood, you simply can never go wrong.

Check it out including the other tug of war match-ups through the video shared below.

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