ChrisFix Takes His Amazing Mustang On A Drift Track For The First Time!

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ChrisFix is a famous Youtube content creator who got us used to his amazing Do It ...

ChrisFix is a famous Youtube content creator who got us used to his amazing Do It Yourself videos. Being perhaps the best virtual mechanic wasn’t enough for this dude, though. In order to satisfy his growing fan base, where he rapidly approaches the 1,300,000th subscriber, Chris decided to take on a fun project.

Well, to be honest, it is probably something that he planned on doing for a long time, but nonetheless. The plan was to choose a salvage car, repair it in the best way possible, and make it into a drifting monster. However, he did not opt out for the first available ride. Instead, this awesome guy found a Ford Mustang and made a complete series on what he needed to do in order to bring it back on the road. At first, it seemed like mission impossible, but after some careful maneuvering, he got it done.

Check it out now! Adequately named the “Driftstang”, this bad boy is not here to mess about. Still, Chris is relatively new to the world of drifting, and in the video below, he’ll display footage from his first drift ever. Sure looks like fun times! Would you ever dare to follow in his footsteps and create something similar?

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!