Classic Muscle Cars That Made A Lot More Horsepower Than Advertised

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At first, to some of you, this might seem like a strange move. We can’t ...

At first, to some of you, this might seem like a strange move. We can’t actually blame you. Today, all manufacturers are doing their best to showcase their vehicles in the best light possible. As a consequence of that, we are now faced with emission gas scandals that shook the world, but that’s a question for another day. Today, we will direct out focus towards classic muscle cars that were dealing with a different problem.

Back in the day, the insurance companies were tired of dealing with drivers who used their cars for street racing, and because of that, they raised the taxes to a new level. Due to that fact, the manufacturers had to come up with a scheme to go around it, while still giving the customers what they wanted. Their plan? Make their vehicles look less powerful than they actually are. Don’t think that this move was done by just one manufacturer too. They all went for this tactics, and it seemed to work, so can you really blame them? At the end of the day, the customers would get what they paid for, and then some, so it was truly a brilliant solution. Still, some rides were more drastic than others. Click on the video to see the 8 most glaring examples.

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