Clouds Of Smoke Did Not Stop These Man From Having A Truck Race

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Remember the Deiselgate? When Volkswagen was accused of cheating on the emission ...

Remember the Deiselgate? When Volkswagen was accused of cheating on the emission tests for their diesel powered machines? Well, they admitted their crimes and are now trying to make something better of it all. They should be punished of course, but wouldn’t you think that drives of these machines in the video should be punished too for their irresponsible behavior!?

This is a drag race between two massively powered diesel trucks. Believe us, no DPF filter or EGR would sort out what a massive V8 Cummins or Duramax can do and when you see a cloud of smoke coming from the “chimneys” you’ll feel bad regardless of your opinions about global warming.

This drag race was organized during the 2016 Diesel Power Challenge where drivers and their machines have to meet certain criteria to enter a multitude of competitions – one of which happens to be a drag race.

Although running with these trucks is irrational and irresponsible, we cannot say that they lack speed. They are fast and the winner of the drag race competition is a guy called Charlie Keeter. He ran 10.893 seconds pass with a trap speed of 110.41 mph.

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