Cool BMW M140i Promotional Video Features A Race Between a Drone and a Car

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Maybe we do not have 1 series here in the US. However, the hatch called the M140i ...

Maybe we do not have 1 series here in the US. However, the hatch called the M140i is a fun little machine with a magnificent 340hp engine and, if needed an xDrive system.

And boy, releasing cool redesigned version and filming it did make it justice. Watch how the M140i races with a freaking drone in this magnificent official Launchfilm.

The thing is simple and straightforward. The driver gets behind the wheel of the M-Sport M140i and then welcome a co-driver who happens to be a pilot of the sports drone.

All with a freaking video glasses on his head.

And then the race starts with the drone actually following the BMW M140i and giving us an amazing footage of the new car.

It’s not the first time we are seeing the drone racing a car, but BMW made this quite awesome and rather interesting in every way imaginable.

As BMW reports, the new car comes in the form of three new special edition models – the Edition Sport Line Shadow, Edition M Sport Shadow and BMW M140i Edition Shadow, which we see in the video.

The redesigned 1 series is somewhat finer and nicer than before with all the nice details garnishing the interior and especially the exterior.

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