Cool Metal Knuckles Made Out Of Steel Nuts

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For all those who love metal recycling or ‘do it yourself’ projects, this video ...

For all those who love metal recycling or ‘do it yourself’ projects, this video might be of great interest. This video shows a man transforming ordinary nuts into cool metal knuckles.

The video opens up with a narrator talking about big projects lined up for him. The entire narration is very well-articulated, as you will witness.

The process of making Knuckles begins by taking for medium sized nuts and flattening their edges and tips. The guy focuses at the center of these nuts. The process moves on with welding. The guy aims to weld these nuts in the shape of a curve. And guess what? He does his job perfectly.

The welding is very precise and clean. The welding tool looks like a top-notch quality one. The guy is doing the entire soldering with much evident expertise.

At the end, the guy welds a thin steel rod to the four nuts that are now in the shape of a curve. This finally looks like a cool knuckle.

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