Cool Ruf CTR Yellowbird Dominated The Nurburgring Back In 1987

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This may well be one of the most amazing cars caught on the ‘ring. Ever. Called ...

This may well be one of the most amazing cars caught on the ‘ring. Ever. Called the RUF CTR Yellowbird, the 470hp powerful machine was a dramatic way to beat supercars back in the day. The thing about this one is its track worthiness. See how dramatic it looks like driving and slashing on the ring.

The video dubbed the Faczination at the Nurburgring includes driver Peter Egan driving the old RUF masterpiece on the edge. It’s a masterclass in car control, no question there.

The thing about driving that old RUF apparently includes giving it as much sideways action as possible. That is why the car, capable of reaching staggering 217 mph was traveling sideways much of the time.

Frankly, the Ruf CTR Yellowbird was one of few cars who could stack up against the Porsche 959, or the Ferrari F40. Not many hit the streets, but we are lucky to have this video which shows us just how mad the car was.

Ruf revealed a spiritual successor to the Yellowbird a few days ago at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s a car with 710hp, with carbon fiber construction, and a 225 mph top speed. Yet, the original from thirty years ago is still our favorite.

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