Courtney Force Walks Away From Massive Explosion In Epping

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Drivers hope that whenever they head out to race, things are going to go as ...

Drivers hope that whenever they head out to race, things are going to go as planned, but no one is completely in control as things can get out of hand at any time. There are certain factors that are simply unpredictable no matter how skilled or seasoned you are as a driver.

In this footage, we take a look at Courtney Force as she’s blitzing the track at the NHRA New England Nationals when a terrifying moment comes to the fore in the middle of the race as her car explodes in a ball of flames, leaving the spectators petrified and hoping that Courtney would be able to make it out unscathed.

Check out the video as Courtney takes the savage blow head-on and lives to tell the world about it. Her car actually blew up at the finish line and it turned out that she won the race! Whenever we see stuff like this, we become a little more thankful that vehicles nowadays come with a plethora of safety equipment.

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