Crash Video: Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo ’89 Vs Honda Civic

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Kallenhard is one of a trickiest corners of the Nurburgring, especially in a wet. ...

Kallenhard is one of a trickiest corners of the Nurburgring, especially in a wet. So you can imagine how frustrating it must be to navigate your way through a said bend only to be hit by another vehicle, with the impact pushing your Neunelfer into a barrier.

We decided to start by using a perspective of the guy behind the wheel of this 1989 Carrera you see in this video, simply because the way things look from the other side of this accident has embarrassing written all over it.

To be more precise, this driver of the Honda Civic went through the terminal understeer episode. We won’t start the rear-wheel-drive vs. front-wheel-drive discussion.

Instead, we will mention that this Kallenhard episode was all the matter of judging one’s entry speed, so this guy behind the wheel of the compact could have easily avoided the accidents.

Yes, we said accidents, since the Honda also got to meet a protection element on the other side of a track. You see, after a said 911 ka-bang, the drivers got out of their vehicles to discuss the matter.

While the video below doesn’t show how this Civic started rolling to the other side a track, we can assume that the combination of a camber of the bend and this owner failing to secure the car did the job.

As such, two drivers ended up jogging across the track, in pursuit of the runaway Honda, with the rolling helmet coming as an irony bonus.

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