Shenanigans On The Golden Gate Bridge And Police Is Very Pissed

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Many of us enjoy the charms of motorsport. Cars, bikes, planes – anything ...

Many of us enjoy the charms of motorsport. Cars, bikes, planes – anything with an engine basically. But, it is OK to do any sort of shenanigans when right conditions are met. When they aren’t, on the other hand, we are just playing stupid. Conditions being safety and a closed track, to be clear. Golden Gate Bridge is not a closed track so these motorcycle hooligans doing shenanigans on it is not actually commendable.

A group of motorcycles showed up on the bridge and started doing all sort of stunts. This was not a coordinated or officially approved effort, but just a show off party for a few bikers. Sure, California Highway Patrol had to do much to stop the whole charade – witnesses even said that some of the bikers were pulling off wheelies, handstands, and stunt one wheel braking.

As one may imagine, the traffic was slowed down considerably, and the officers handling the situation had a lot to say.

“The group rode north across the bridge, got off, then got back on the iconic span going south,” police said. They added: “Obviously it’s extremely unsafe, especially on the Golden Gate Bridge, where you have pedestrians. To have amateurs doing this type of exhibition is extremely dangerous.”

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