Crazy Dodge Ram SRT10 Is Probably The Rustiest Pickup You’ll See

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You aren’t seeing a pickup truck wearing a patina in all of its body because ...

You aren’t seeing a pickup truck wearing a patina in all of its body because this ride featured below is a new school pickup totally covered with real rust. It’s a Dodge Ram SRT-10 and it’s one different and crazy-looking rat rod called the “Rusty Rat”.

It takes a special kind of dumb to actually do something like this to a $45K truck. It’s got rust from bumper to bumper but the running gear alongside its internals are in perfect stock condition. It wasn’t actually modded to improve the performance and in fact, still has the original 8.3L V10 engine along with the other factory-original setup. What craziness it offers is the crappy look uncommon for modern rides today. Well, even the interior is gutted out like hell. Really insane!

Turning an old school ride such as a Ford Model A into some rat rod usually end up very cool but when you do such to the new cars of today, a mixed reactions from car enthusiasts is probably what you’ll get. So does this rat rod get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Check it out for yourself and decide.

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