Crazy Snowbank Sends Car Flying On Russian Road

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

While some vehicles ending up with their wheels pointing upwards is something that ...

While some vehicles ending up with their wheels pointing upwards is something that can be anticipated, the incident in this video certainly has us shaking our heads even more so than usual.

This is the classic case of just having to drive carefully in the straight line in order to avoid any incidents, because looking at a road and the overall conditions outside, it probably doesn’t take the rocket scientist to know that you need to keep your speed low, your senses sharp in these types of situations.

Of course, there can always be external factors, such as this car that pulls out in front of this extremely unlucky driver, causing him to bank ever so slightly to the left in order to make sure he had enough room to avoid the potential collision.

Unluckily, the collision happened anyway, except that instead of another vehicle, it was the side of the road that sent this poor man flying into the air.

You do need to squint your way through the action in order to make out what happens once the vehicles start passing by and the snow starts flying, but it is safe to say that in these types of conditions, fortune certainly does not favor the brave, and only those who are careful enough so as to maintain the low speed to go with the high level of awareness.

According to this video’s description, this accident took place in the Belgorod region and there were no casualties, and which is always good to hear.

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