What Is This Crazy Supercar And When Can We Have It?

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Next EV is the Chinese company that is promising the world a 1,360 hp all-electric ...

Next EV is the Chinese company that is promising the world a 1,360 hp all-electric supercar. According to Car News China, this supercar is set to debut on November 21st in London, England.

Let’s pause here for one second. We live in the age where it’s not all that hard for the upstart car company with big dreams to secure some cash and create the prototype. Said prototype usually doesn’t run, serves as little more than the prop during its own press conference.

It goes without saying that we expected the Next EV to follow this blueprint. And that’s what we were thinking before we saw the video below, anyway. It was shot at the Nurburgring and shows Next EV supercar out for testing.

We only get the glimpse of the unnamed supercar in this short video, which is unfortunate as it looks quite pretty. The vehicle was originally spotted out for testing by the fan of the Nurburgring blog Bridge to Gantry, with said fan posting a photo of it to the site’s Facebook page.

In the video below you can see the Chinese supercar being tailed by the Audi A7 with what looks like camera equipment on its hood. It looks like the Next EV is shooting some video ahead of the vehicle’s launch next month.

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