Creepy Clown Hitches Ride On Back Of Moving Bus In Dangerous Stunt

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A man wearing the rather creepy clown costume was spotted by the shocked driver in ...

A man wearing the rather creepy clown costume was spotted by the shocked driver in Detroit while hitching a ride on the back of the moving bus.

The clown costume, according to The Mirror, was comprised of the menacing mask with pink hair and the long white shirt or jacket, which altogether makes for the pretty creepy sighting, especially for people who are actually scared of clowns.

It’s the f****** clown. And get the f*** out of here, said this driver that witnessed the whole thing – and frankly, and his amazement comes as little surprise. Of course, a real issue is the so-called Creepy Clown Craze that gained momentum in the US back in the August and even reached UK shores recently.

Well, these activities include people dressed like clowns looking to the frighten motorists and pedestrians alike, there have even been incidents with clowns having approached schoolchildren.

Well, the safety of our riders is DDOT’s number one priority, that is why we have significantly increased our Transit Police presence, have installed surveillance cameras inside and outside of all of our DDOT coaches, said the spokesperson for the Detroit Department of Transportation.

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